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Ziggo has blocked the utilization of some popular VPN web sites in the runup towards the abolition of geoblocking hi-tech for countries within the european countries. As a result, Dutch we abroad are no greater able to watch Nederlander TV channels via Ziggo GO. The viewing of the previously broadcast programs by using Replay TV and watching tv films and series of, among other things, Cinemax is no longer they can. o vpn is not the first Dutch solution of OTT services that may limits the use linked VPN. Also Movie writing this article instance. Rightholders of content offered demand from experts of OTT services rigid content protection to make absolutely illegal viewing and aiming beyond the national sides more difficult.

In the case of making use of Ziggo GO within that this countries of the Eu Union, this is a brief blockade. New European ordinances oblige providers of video recording services that can not blocked within countries of this European Union from Perfectly at the latest. Is you end up means a partial legislative abolition of the geoblocking technique. For example, Nederlander people who live appearing in Germany or Spain and as well who are currently unable to use Ziggo Get via VPN can do this again within a couple weeks as a result among the new European regulations.

The new European guidelines do not, incidentally, give the possibility that virtually any statutory obligation arises than a subscription to a Nederlander provider can be applied for abroad. Research by Totaal TV shows that a number of providers of VPN solutions that are frequently used within the Netherlands are currently being blocked by Ziggo. Consist of the providers ExpressVPN, VyperVPN and PIA VPN. Caused by Ziggo’s new measure, seeming in countries outside the ecu Union, including the mentioned VPN providers, will not possible in the long run.It was remarkable that Ziggo suddenly plugged access with a link to many VPN services a week ago .

As a result, looking outside netherlands with the the internet TV service Ziggo GO was shortly after that no longer actually possible. How inconspicuously the blockade was introduced, it has

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